Land values

Land values are so much more that statistics & numbers, large price differentials exist even between regions or area’s of provinces, Knowing the market if you are buying or selling can make all the difference in getting a fair market price and getting a fair purchase price.

Licensed farm real estate agents can assist property owners to fairly assess values that land may sell for in competitive  marketing and create the desired outcome of an successful sale.

Purchasers competing in a competitive market place might want to consult Licensed farm real estate agents to know the latest sale values the demand for properties they are interested in.

Selling or buying assets or share sale it can make great difference how much is left after taxes or how much the purchaser can save by purchasing shares. We have great specialized Accountants & Lawyers that partner with us to create the right solution for buying and selling.

Initial consulting is free and cost can vary by the tasks undertaken from our menu of services that include: basic consulting, marketing, bid sales/tender, Auctions, Buyers agencies with or without full marketing services.

For free consultations :

Ben Van Dyk, , 403.393.4040 ,

Real Estate Centre, 403.345.5100

About ben

Immigrated to Canada in 1980 and dairy farmed for 9 years, obtained real estate license in Alberta in 1989 and have been selling Farm Real Estate for 32 years. Specializing in Farm/land investment, farm relocation and farm families immigrating to Canada, organizing business and farm immigration seminars, sales of quota (milk, poultry), water rights, irrigated land, crop farms, farm corporations (shares) ranches, livestock (Cattle, hogs) and commercial farm investment.
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