Major recent expansion projects announced in the Alberta potato industry

Recent announcements from potato processors that include the largest global investment made by McCain worldwide Other potato processors in Alberta are also in expansion mode for french fries and potato chips with large projects in existing and new players in the industry. The large expansion will certainly put pressure on the available irrigated land suitable for potatoes. Land prices and rental values will certainly be affected by the higher demand for potato crops that are typical only grown once every four years on the same parcel . Seed stock growers for potatoes will need to expand or new growers need to supply the market expansion, shortages might stall some anticipated growth.

The near future certainly looks promising for the French Fries / potato industry future market expansion with new innovative use of potatoes can certainly be leading to explosive growth for the simple potato.

Potato processors in Europe are developing products from potatoes for the quickly expanding vegan markets with products such as, beef, cheese, eggs all made from potatoes rich in vitamins & proteins. Source:

Farming is certain of change and that is also thru for the demand for land

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