Top 10 reasons to own farm land

1.    It’s a Farm /land, that is one reason that you should buy farmland, is because it’s a farm. Whether you’re retiring, starting on a farm or escaping the rat race, a farm can be your own special oasis. The hard work will be well worth it when you’re earning income off crops and self-sustaining your family. Eliminating the unnecessary stressors of life such as daily commutes, an inbox that simply won’t hit zero, and living in cramped indoor spaces, can lead to a much higher quality of life.

2.    Property /land/real estate has been the primary wealth investment for the greatest value creation for investors/owner’s for generations and can be a great investment or lifestyle choice.  Land has been the best performing overall investment in modern history. 

3.    There is no land created anymore and every year productive land is lost due to urbanization, poor farming practices, roads, infrastructure and urban sprawl. (1000’s acres productive farmland every year)

4.    Investing in land is a “simple” process of purchasing property and creating value through: revenue, appreciation, or tax benefits. Investing in land can yield better results than RRSP, TFSA and other investment strategies or could be combined to accelerate savings. 

5.    You know the opportunities are ripe when savvy investors begin seeking out the opportunity. There has been an increased investment from investors looking for land that can not only appreciate in value but also generate a supplementary income from production farms. Investors like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Brett Wilson; the Aquilini family, who own the Vancouver Canucks; and Lulu Lemon founder Chip Wilson and investment corporations Manulife, Bonnefield together with pension plans are investing large amounts of capital in land.

6.    Farmers can today sell directly to consumer’s on large scale with online direct marketing and be very successful with internet, online stores, drop shipping and consumer acceptance for change, the future of farm success is here.

7.    Demand for food will increase due to population growth (75 Million annual increase), increased world average income and food trends that lead to higher demand for farm products.

8.    Farms & land ownership can provide a multitude of benefits to being able to walk the land, check the crops, weed (s), enjoy wildlife, nature, recreation, natural habitat, attractions (corn maze, sunflower tours, farm tours, others) solitude, or just taking care of animals.

9.    Farm owners/operators are the smartest people in the world, they purchase all goods and services retail, sell wholesale and make a profit. 

10. You can love the land, you can love more than 1 parcel, acre, ha or ¼ section at any time there is no guilt.

Ben Van Dyk

Real Estate Centre

About ben

Immigrated to Canada in 1980 and dairy farmed for 9 years, obtained real estate license in Alberta in 1989 and have been selling Farm Real Estate for 32 years. Specializing in Farm/land investment, farm relocation and farm families immigrating to Canada, organizing business and farm immigration seminars, sales of quota (milk, poultry), water rights, irrigated land, crop farms, farm corporations (shares) ranches, livestock (Cattle, hogs) and commercial farm investment.
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