Today in Farm Real Estate investing, Investing for profit.

Investing in farm & land is often a long term plan with set goals in mind. Objectives can include buy and flip with short term capital gains. Often it is not attractive for tax strategies unless its involves tax planning with farm tax experts. Taxes will have a great effect on after tax net income and should be part of investment planning in farm/land.

Long term investments with solid income owning, operating or renting the land is general very stable and can provide great value with increased land values providing wealth accumulation for many years. No taxes are paid on the appreciation till the land sells creating many years of appreciation on the investment without taxing the core investment and appreciation. It can enhance investment portfolio’s for many small or medium investors to add land in their overall investment strategy in consultation with tax planners.

One of the great opportunities in farming is equity investing, that means taking an equity position (shares or part ownership) in farm land, farm operations or farm business to participate without taking on the whole project. This may be great for investors, although caution should be given to making sure you have the right advisers ensuring legal, tax and investment strategies.

Often the question arises what income can i receive from land/farm investments. Most of the time the answer would be it varies. A solid annual return can yield 3-5% and land appreciation would ensure increased added value, varying 5-7% annual on farm land. There would be less annual return for land near large population centers and likely increased appreciation. The reverse would be in outlaying areas where higher annual returns can be achieved and the appreciation would be typical lower than near urban centers.

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Immigrated to Canada in 1980 and dairy farmed for 9 years, obtained real estate license in Alberta in 1989 and have been selling Farm Real Estate for 32 years. Specializing in Farm/land investment, farm relocation and farm families immigrating to Canada, organizing business and farm immigration seminars, sales of quota (milk, poultry), water rights, irrigated land, crop farms, farm corporations (shares) ranches, livestock (Cattle, hogs) and commercial farm investment.
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